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About Dana Greyson

Dana, in the galley of her former sailboat, s/v Journey.
Home is soon to be wherever her next sailboat goes.

The Basics

My love of reading traces back to as early as I can remember; writing grew naturally from there. I was still a teen when the newspaper picked up my editorials.  

After I quit my corporate job (where I also wrote a ton), I started getting published in magazines. I stopped counting how many articles after I hit 100 published. Along the way, I picked up a variety of other freelance writing and editing work—web copy, e-newsletters, brochures, point-of-sale material, books—you name it.

Based on what I’ve learned in our travels, I’ve made several Seattle Boat Show presentations as well as presenting for other groups upon request. Strangely, I enjoy it.

This is my first book.

When not reading or writing, you’ll find me hiking, kayaking, cooking, or connecting with friends.

Despite eight years of living in close quarters, my husband and I are still together. We’re too nomadic for pets; I get my furry fix in by pet-sitting when I can.

Our boat mascot, aptly, is Gumby.

Love Or
Leave It?
We Left.

In 2011, depressed and desperate, my husband suggested we chuck everything, buy a small sailboat and sail halfway around the world.

I didn’t know how to sail.

Less than a year later, we left, spent five years sailing, sailed halfway around the world, sold our boat in Australia, lived out of a Land Cruiser there for four months, then returned to the United States.

I’m still an inept sailor but lived aboard most of the last eight years and again am about to embark on another watery adventure.

But that’s another story.

10 Things
About Me

  1. In elementary school
    I got pulled into the principal’s office because I tripped a bully and he retaliated by stomping on my glasses in art class. I wasn’t afraid because I knew the principal was terrified of my mom.
  2. When my dentist told me
    I should get braces, I told him I’d rather live someplace where crooked teeth didn’t matter. My parents were thrilled to save the money. My teeth are still crooked.
  3. The summer before my senior high school year
    I worked for Youth Conservation Corps (YCC), thirteen miles from the nearest town, a place called Happy Camp. It wasn’t, but I was.
  4. In the middle of taking my SAT test
    at a school known for fires, there was a fire drill. We took the test through the fire drill. I flunked the basic English part of my SAT test. Later on, I took a challenge writing test and earned six college credits for English. Moral of the story: I don’t test well but do know how to write.
  5. I got suspended from my high school graduation ceremony
    for attempting to throw a pie.
  6. An adventurous eater,
    I will try nearly anything. I even liked bardi grubs. One exception: anything that stinks as bad sauerkraut is not going into my mouth
  7. I’m not technical but worked over two decades in high technology corporate marketing.
    One of the most useful lessons I learned: a willingness to look stupid when asking questions works wonders when it comes to getting a true handle on data gathering and decision-making.
  8. I’m a reluctant minimalist.
    For most of the past eight years, I’ve shared 150-300 square feet of living space with my husband. The hardest part is giving up long, hot showers with good water pressure.
  9. There really is a place called The Hinterlands
    —and I’ve been there.
  10. I do get seasick,
    but not often.
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